Is this an IP solution?
Absolutely not, theQ Virtual Contact Centre does NOT use IP Phone lines at all to make or deliver calls.

It can be integrated with your existing IP Phone lines if you wish, but the service itself utilises a national network of physical phone lines and exchanges to ensure the highest level of call quality.

We do not believe in putting the most important method of communication for your company on IP Phone lines. IP Phone lines are a cheap alternative for a reason.

Apart from lower quality audio for your calls, potential for latency, jitter and drop-outs, and the fact IP Phone Lines don't work if your power or internet go down, IP Phone Lines can and sometimes do get hacked!
How long does it take to setup?
Setup depends on your requirements, number of agents, whether you require a front-end IVR and many other customer specific factors.

Some customers are setup and using the service within 48 hours.
Do you provide live agents to answer calls?
Yes, we have native Australian speaking agents available to take your calls immediately.

theQ can put calls through to you, your agents and offices or we can provide you with agents to answer all, some, after hours or overflow calls.

Our agents will read your script and answer the call as your company, they can answer questions you've pre-provided, give out details such as fax number, address or any other information you approve and can take and send out messages to you via email or SMS. They are just like your own receptionists, working at your premises, except you only pay for the calls they take.

Contact us for details and to discuss your specific requirements.
Does it integrate with a CRM?

Yes the service can be integrated with a range of data sources including CRM's such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.
Integration with other internal systems may also be possible, contact one of our helpful staff to discuss your specific requirements.
How long are recordings available?
Call recordings, voicemail messages and call information and data is stored for 3 months standard. A small charge per month can be paid to increase this to 12 months and custom data storage is available depending upon your requirements.
Can I see a demo or try the software?
We are more than happy to provide a demonstration of the software or set you up with a trial account. Simply contact us to arrange your demonstration or trial.
How does the Remote Tank DIPS Service Work?
There are various modules which can be activated within your account for free including an automated DIPS entry reporting service which allows distributed and remote reporting of DIP levels in tanks (i.e. petrol tanks at petrol stations). Users can call into the service and report multiple tank DIPS, gauge readings or measurements. Supervisors can log in and see live calls as DIP reports are made and can run reports and export data for daily, weekly or monthly DIP summaries.

Automated outbound reminder calls can be turned on for specific customers so when a DIP is not received within a customisable period (such as every 24 hours) the service rings the customer to remind them to enter their DIPS. Automated reminders can also be sent via email or SMS.
Are the prices ex or inc GST?
Australian customers; please note all prices quoted on this site are ex. GST.